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Kenya International Adoption Process

The adoption process begins with the prospective adoptive parents filling out an application which involves getting an adoption order from the High court of Kenya. Next follows completion of a dossier which is a collection of other documents that form a framework for the adoption process. The dossiers must receive different levels of certification before they are completely filled.

Among the dossier documents is a home report. It is completed by a social worker who evaluates the family of the prospective adoptive parents to ascertain that they are eligible for the adoption. When com  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

The Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) is a state corporation established in 1986, under the science and technology act of laws of Kenya. KEFRI undertakes research in forests and allied natural resources. The institute conduct research and development activities under five thematic areas namely:

  • Forest productivity and improvement in Kenya

  • Biodiversity and environmental management

  • Forest products development

  • Social economics, policy governance and technical support

  • Enterprise servi  Continue reading ...

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Cloud Computing Business Services offered by Safaricom in Kenya

In Kenya, there are various network service providers who ensure that their customers access the most important services as far as communication is concerned. The network service providers include Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu and have ensured that they offer the best services on their own means to comfortably compete with the other service providers. Safaricom therefore through this, has been able to offer different services to their customers. They range from personal to business services and they are made best to outdo their competitors.

Safaricom business services are varied   Continue reading ...

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What to consider before starting a business in Kenya

Kenya is known to be a country with a competitive business platform that makes it challenging for a breakthrough for an upcoming business person and in most cases some companies pull out of the county because they cannot keep up with the increased competition. The following are the major considerations to be taken by upcoming business people;

Establish mentors

For them to come up with the best business idea they should take part in mentoring program. Due to their experience mentors can help in order to avoid mistakes and make good business decisions. They   Continue reading ...

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Goat Farming And Common Goat Breeds in Kenya

Goat farming is very common in Kenya especially in the rural areas. People keep goats for wool, milk and meat. Goats are very hardy and some breeds can withstand adverse weather conditions. The choice that people make for their goat breeds depends on their location and the weather conditions. For example people in north eastern keep a different goat breed than people from the highlands. The three main breeds in Kenya include Saanen, Alpines and Toggenburg.

This is a white is fairly small and it has black spots on the udders, nose and the skin is black and spotted. This goat   Continue reading ...

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Nazareth Medical College in Kenya.

Nazareth medical college is one of the medical colleges in Kenya that trains health care providers. This institution is a mission based college that is managed by Catholic Church. It is located in Nairobi city. It was begun in 2005 as an initiative of Franciscan sisters of immaculate Heath of Mary.

Nazareth began offering distance learning to upgrading enrolled nursing that takes two and half years but now, it is offering a diploma course in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN). This course is the longest diploma in Kenya because full training takes a minimum of three a  Continue reading ...

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List of Registered Tea Manufacturers in Kenya.

Tea is the main cash crop grown in Kenya and earns the country a lot of money. There are various factories in Kenya that supply Kenya with tea for both local use and foreign exchange. These factories are registered by Tea Board of Kenya.

Therefore the registered tea factories in Kenya include:

  • Arroket factory – Sotik Tea Company limited.

  • Chagaik factory – UTK limited.

  • Changana factory – JFK limited.

  • Changoi tea factory – WTK limited.

  • Chebut tea Factory Comp  Continue reading ...

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Ice Cream Parlours in Nairobi Kenya

Ice creams are frozen desserts made from dairy products mainly milk and cream and are usually mixed with fruits and other ingredients to add flavor. Since Nairobi county is the most populated county in Kenya, it is has many consumers of various products and ice cream is one of these products. Although ladies are the consumers of ice creams, men also take ice creams especially when they are together with their ladies or girlfriends.

Parlours are special rooms used to make ice creams. There are many ice creams Parlours in Nairobi and therefore if you are a fan of ice creams, then you   Continue reading ...

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How To Start a Profitable Poultry Farming in Kenya.

Poultry farming in Kenya is becoming one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya due to demand of chicken by big hotels and restaurants. This makes the poultry farming an important sector in agriculture industry in Kenya because it creates employment to those Kenyans who are in search of job opportunity, it forms a business platform for entrepreneurs, it brings income to the person involved in this kind of farming and finally this is a type of business that dry up in case it is well managed. He above profits can only be realized by the person who engages in poultry farming in Kenya.

  Continue reading ...

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Dairy products and impact of Dairy Marketing in Kenya

The marketing of Dairy products is regulated by Dairy industry act under the law of Kenya; Kenya dairy board is responsible of organizing, regulating and developing production efficiency. The Board has powers of in the regulation of Dairy Marketing system. The Board neglected its duty and left it in the hands of Kenya cooperative creameries limited. Implementation of marketing liberalization has been of much benefit and it has facilitated automatic adjustments of price in order to respond to competition in the market, the market changes are brought about by supply and demand. Marketing libe  Continue reading ...

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Extension services offered by Kenya coconut development authority

Kenya coconut development authority is based in the coastal region of Kenya. Their main mission is to provide a framework for enhanced services and earnings to customers through the development ,promotion and regulation of coconut industry in Kenya.

Extension services offered by KCDA

Training of nursery operators

in a bid to attain its core strategic objectives of enhancing coconut production the authority has over the last three years trained a total of 475 nursery operators across the major coconut cluster area in the coast. This activity is essential in addressing the   Continue reading ...

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Where to buy Greenhouses and how to manage them in Kenya

The best greenhouse supplier in Kenya is Amiran, it is located in Old airport north road, Box 30327-00100 Nairobi – Kenya, Mobile: 0719 095 000/+254 20 824837. Email: The company has constructed over 90 percent of greenhouses used in the flower farmers and horticulture projects. The company manufactures tailor made greenhouses which are appropriate for the project. The green houses manufactured include coral 11200 and Emerald. The green houses made are perfectly designed for extreme tropical climate, they are co  Continue reading ...

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Mushroom is a great delicacy in many households. In Kenya people are starting to consume mushrooms. Most people get them from the supermarket. Some of the mushrooms grow in the wild like in woody forests but some of them are planted by people. Different communities harvest and consume them. There are many kinds of mushroom that can be grown in Kenya. The most popular ones are the termite mushrooms which grow on anthills. Mushrooms have been planted by small scale farmers in Kenya since the early 60s. Some of the mushrooms are poisonous and it is always a challenge to get great varietie  Continue reading ...

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Agricultural Society of Kenya- Embu Branch

Embu regional show was founded in 1968 which used to be held in Embu town but later on relocated to Njukiri showground. The showground is located within Mt. Kenya region where high rainfall and cool temperatures are experienced. The showground is located along the Nairobi – Meru road. This showground provides a great platform for exhibition of all goods and services ranging from agricultural to industries and trade.


Stand Rates (Based on 2014 Show)

The following is a list of the various categories of stands and the amount of  amou  Continue reading ...

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Coffee Board of Kenya.

Coffee is one of the cash crops in the republic of Kenya that earns the country a lot of revenue in terms of exchange. Coffee farming is practiced in highlands parts of Kenya because it requires a lot of rainfall. Coffee farming in Kenya is under the management board known as coffee board of Kenya.

Coffee board of Kenya is located in Nairobi city along Exchange Lane Off Haile Selassie Avenue in a building known as Coffee Plaza Building (10th floor of this building).

Coffee board of Kenya is one of the governmental parastatals in Kenya established under the act of parliament   Continue reading ...

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How To Improve Dairy Farming in Kenya.

Dairy farming is one of the most profitable types of farming in Kenya. This has been attributed by high consumption of dairy products such as milk, meat and others. Almost all Kenyans rear animals at home so as to get milk which is majorly used to make tea.

Although dairy farming is practiced in many parts of Kenya, large scale dairy farming is practiced in highland parts of Kenya because this is the place that favors new species of cows. Since, dairy farming is the most profitable farming in Kenya, there is need to improve its productivity in Kenya to ensure production of high prod  Continue reading ...

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Pig Markets in Kenya.

Pig farming in Kenya is one of the growing businesses in Kenya and those Kenya who do this type of farming in large scale benefit so much in the market. Majority of Kenya do pig farming on small scale basis, that, they keep few pigs in their farms. Although the general livestock markets are spread throughout in Kenya, there are few specific market places for pigs.

Although people may wonder if there are specific market for pig in Kenya. The truth of the matter is that pig farming in Kenya also market and these markets include:

Farmer’s Choice Limited in Kenya<  Continue reading ...

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How To Practice Strawberry Farming in Kenya

In Kenya, strawberries are not a common fruit that you will find on the streets. Most people buy them for home consumption and baking.  Companies like Brookside, trufood, zesta, KCC use strawberries to use them when making juices, sauces, jams, yoghurts and other supplies for supermarkets. The most common type of strawberry is that of the Fragaria genus. The Strawberry varieties suitable for growing in Kenya include Chandler, Domanil, pajaro Douglas, Tioga selva, Rabunda, Tri-Star and Tribute. The crop thrives in hot climate and it does badly in frost or extrem  Continue reading ...

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Small Scale Maize Farmers In Western Kenya

Western Kenya is famously recognized for its production of Kenya\'s staple food crop, maize. Areas in the Western region that practice small scale maize farming mainly come fromkakamega, Bungoma, Busia and Trans Nzoia counties, and some other parts of Nyanza and Rift Valley. However, all is not rosy for these hard working men and women because of the numerous troubles they have to go through.

Firstly, the lack of awareness of modern, improved technical knowhow and agrcultural practices. This can be attributed largely to a lack of sufficient interaction between farmers and extension   Continue reading ...

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Pyrethrum Farming In Kenya

Pyrethrum was introduced in Kenya by European farmers who settled in the highland regions of the country. It is grown for its white flowers which are precious and are harvested for processing. The flowers contain a substance that is called pyrethrine which is used to manufacture insecticides. It is also a major component in the manufacture of disinfectants that are used to remove unseen germs and prevent infections. Marketing of pyrethrum is done through pyrethrum board of Kenya and it is sold to them through cooperatives among the farmers groups.

Certain climatic conditions favour   Continue reading ...

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How Kenyan Farmers Carry Out Tissue Culture For Crops

Tissue culture is a biotechnology that is bing usd extensively in the cloning of vegatatively propagated plants.It is based on the plants ability to regenerate other types of plant parts.Propagation of plants follows the following major three steps for it to be considered successful.

Stage 1

It includesestablishing the asceptic culture and developing the propagule by mutually enhancing cell division and enlargment.Contamination is elimanated by the use disinfectants such as alcohol,calcium and mercury chloride.All tools should be sterilised.

Stage 2

It in  Continue reading ...

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Pests And Diseases Affecting Cabbage Farmers In Kenya

Cabbages are a source of income for many farmers in the country and care should be taken to ensure that they are well cultivated and farmers find humble time to take good care of them by simply attending to them and ensuring that they are prevented from major disease infections. The growth of cabbage is however inhibited by the attack of the following major pest and diseases.


Masses of aphid attack the crop leaves especially during the periods that are dry and the weather does not let much rainfall. They are rare in situations that provoke wet conditions. During the  Continue reading ...

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Carrots Farming In Kenya

Carrots are gaining demand each and every day in the Kenyan market. It is important therefore for farmers to venture into the project and gain much from the farming of carrots. The following set of information provides the detailed information about carrot growth.


They can be grouped as fresh market for example the chantenary and nantes .Oxhart is another major variety that is grown mainly for the feeding of livestock.

Ecological Requirements

It does well in a wide range of attitudes from 0-2900m above sea level. Requires cool temperatures to wa  Continue reading ...

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How Farmers Prevent The Spread of Ticks In Kenya

Categories of tick control are in three main groups all of which have been proven to be effective by the specified experts. Ticks reduce the production levels of livestock hence a farmer should always be on the watch out to control the pests. The following category gives a summary of the main methods used in the control of ticks.

Biological method

This method utilizes the tick’s natural enemies that predate on the ticks. The nymphs are usually destroyed by certain like ants and birds. A small number of ticks will be controlled using this major way. Self licking by th  Continue reading ...

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Best Breeds Of Cattle Available In Kenya For Dairy Farmers

Are you planning to invest your money in dairy farming in Kenya? You are on the right page. This article provides information on the best breeds of cattle you can find in Kenya. It also provides basic characteristics of individual breed for your easy identification and differentiation of one breed from the others.

Four breeds of dairy cattle are available in Kenya: Jersey, Friesian, Aryshire and Guernsey. These cattle breeds have different characteristics right from physical appearance and milk production.


This dairy cattle breed, whose origin is in the Ne  Continue reading ...

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Agro-Chemical Companies in Kenya

Kenya economy relies on agricultural sector. Many crops are grown in Kenya both for home use and for sale in the local and international market. Farmers in Kenya face challenges in production of various crops. These challenges include crop pests and diseases, climate change, exhaustion of the soils due to over cultivation and increase in the prices of the farm inputs. Various agro-chemicals companies have been put up to solves some of these problems by providing farm inputs mainly farm chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers.

Just like in any other bus  Continue reading ...

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Crops Grown In Semi-Arid Areas In Kenya

The population of Kenya is rapidly increasing and so should be the rate of food production to enable a stable food supply. However, the amount of land that is fertile and support crop growth is shrinking due to the growing population. This has left Kenyans with no option other than reclaiming the arid land and putting it under crop production. Not all crops will survive the adverse conditions experienced in these semi-arid areas, and this is the reason for the establishment of the Dry Seed Limited (DSL) in 2004. The company produces and sells crop seeds that thrive in dry parts of Kenya.Continue reading ...

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Agricultural Tools And Equipment Suppliers In Kenya

One key requirement of successful farming is the availability of farming tools and equipment. Farm equipments not only ease farming activities but also hasten the activities, saving time that finally contributes to high yields. There are various suppliers of farm tools and equipments distributed across Kenya. The following is a list of the most popular suppliers in Kenya:

  • Kipsigis Farmers store,

Kericho, Mobile: 0727294682


  • Ndume Limited,

Gilgil Branch. Tel : +254-202186668


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Pre-Disposing Factors Of Livestock Diseases In Kenya

They include the major conditions inside or outside the main body of the animal that may lead to it contacting the disease or obtaining a very major injury. The following are some of the factors that may predispose an animal to certain diseases.

The species of the animal

It determines the type of disease that is likely to affect the species and not any other. A good example is the swine fever that affects the pigs and Newcastle disease affects poultry.

The breed of the animal

It will influence the type of animal that can be affected by a particular diseas  Continue reading ...

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Importance Of Studying Land Tenure System In Kenya

Land tenure is the relationship of people or groups interacting in a society with respect to land. It is an aspect that has varied definitions but is important in ensuring that the relationship of people with concern to land is improved for their benefit.

Studies on land tenure are important in helping demystify gender issues concerning the ownership of land by mostly the women in Kenya. Girls nowadays are allowed to own land. This was not the case however in the recent past where only men had the right to own land.

Awareness on the various forms of land ownership is also cr  Continue reading ...

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Tomato Pests and Diseases Affecting Kenyan Farmers

Tomatoes are a major source of income for farmers in Kenya and several measures need to be taken to ensure that the fruits are well protected from attack by pests. It is good for farmers to control the spread of diseases affecting the plants for the main purpose of ensuring that they gain maximum profit from them and that they have better ways of preventing any harmful damage to the plants.

American bollworm

Is the larva stage of a moth that may be brown, green or pink in color? It is the most destructive stage of the moth and attacks fruits of tomatoes. It lays several eg  Continue reading ...

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Benefits of Crop Rotation For Kenyan Farmers

Crop rotation has for a longtime been one of the best ways of ensuring that plants are safe from pests and diseases. Many farmers have ended up losing a lot of crops due to not carrying out the cultural practice of rotating their crops. The following are some of the major benefits that a farmer gets from crop rotation

Maximum utilization of nutrients

Different crop varieties vary in the levels of nutrients and the mineral composition. Rotating crops ensure that they get plenty supply of minerals and the various that remain will be used by a different type of crop. The prac  Continue reading ...

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Management Tips Of Nursery For Farmers In Kenya

The major practices carried out in the nursery while seeds are growing include some of the following.


Upon the establishment of a nursery, light mulch should be applied for the sake of conserving the amounts of water being lost by evaporation. The mulch should be quickly removed on the fourth day after the emergence of crop varieties.


Comprises of regular application of certain amounts of after to the crops twice a day in the morning and late in the evening by the farmer. It helps plants get good distribution of water.

Weed cont  Continue reading ...

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Best Chicken Breeds For Meat In Kenya

With growing popularity of raising backyard chicken come an increasing interest in raising meat chicken. Dual purpose chicken, those laying eggs and also used for their meat are the most commonly rared but mostfarmersare turning to broilers for their better flavor.just like layers each breed comes with a different result so choosing depends on what it is you want to achieve.

Broilers are chicken raised specifically for meat. They grow very fast compared to the egg laying or the dual purpose breed. Most of them have a high growth rate with high feeds convention and minimal activity.   Continue reading ...

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Materials Used For Propagation By Kenyan Farmers


They comprise of tiny sisal plants produced in the inflorescence almost at the end of the growth cycle of a particular plant type. They resemble the mother plant in most cases except to the fact that they are small in size. They are produced by the major branches of the sisal pole.


Plantlets that have been divided from the mother plant with complete leaves and rooting system. They are mostly used in the propagation most pasture grasses and pyrethrum materials. They are firstly raised in the nursery that is later transplanted in the main field.

  Continue reading ...

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Methods Of Fertilizer Application In Kenya

Fertiliser application mainly involves the use of artificial fertilisers.Phosphatic fertilisers are applied during the planting period while nitrogenous will always be applied upon the emergence of a particular crop.Applying fertilisers after crops have emerged is generally reffered to as topdressing.The following are some of the major ways of applying fertilisers.


Involves the random  scattering of seeds on the ground for the purpose of being used by plants in general.The method is more applicable when using nitrogenous and potassic fertilisers.The soil   Continue reading ...

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How To Improve Fishing In Kenyan Lakes

Fishing in Kenyan lakes has been a contributor towards creating employment and as a source of income to the fishermen. Lake Victoria and Lake Turkana are examples of major lakes in Kenya where fishing activities is commonly practiced. The fishing industry is faced by the following challenges which need to be dealt with urgently.

High demand for fish has led to overfishing mostly in Lake Victoria where fishermen have been using mosquito nets to fish hence catching very small fish leading to decline of fish population as an end result. This should be dealt with by teaching the public   Continue reading ...

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Beef Farming In Kenya

Beef farming refers to the keeping of large numbers of cattle for met and is mainly done on large pieces of land commonly known as ranches. The faming is practiced mainly in areas that receive low rainfall amounts. These areas do not support crop faming unless under irrigation. These areas are hot and have low population densities. 

The ranches are divided into smaller units which are known as paddocks. Cattle are moved rotationally from one paddock to another so as to allow sufficient time for the growth of new and fresh pastures in the vacated paddocks. It also reduces overgr  Continue reading ...

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Useful Tips On How To Start A Dairy Farm In Kenya

Shortage of milk and milk products in Kenya is a real concern. Fortunately, this means entrepreneurs and farmers can see this as a lucrative venture they can undertake. Essentially, knowing how to take off in this economically beneficial endeavor is the most critical factor.

What You Need To Consider

Availability of Land

Dairy farming can be practiced on a piece of land ranging from 0.1-1,000,000 acres, depending on the scale of farming. This is the first requirement that any prospective farmer ought to meet.

Identifying The Right   Continue reading ...

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Marketing Beef Cattle In Kenya

In Kenya there are three channels through which Kenyan beef farmers can market their products instead of selling at the village market for little and no profit at all. The three channels include;

Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) 

it’s a board created by an act of parliament back in 1990’s to buy animals from farmers, process and sell the meat products. The slaughter houses for KMC are located in Athi River, Ngong (Halal) and Mombasa. Here meat is graded into prime choice, FAQ (Fair on Average Quality), standard and commercial. Farmers are paid according to the   Continue reading ...

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Why Western Kenya Farmers Have Abandon SugarCane Farming

People from the Western Kenya are popularly recognized for their commitment to farming. They are excellent poultry (especially chicken, locally referred to as ingokho), maize and cane farmers. Whereas ingokho and maize combine to provide a rich, healthy diet, cane farming only serves to impoverish these hardworking men and women.

To begin with, a farmer who toils for over 12 months in his 1 acre piece of land only stands a chance of producing about 35 tons of raw cane. A ton of cane attracts a price of between kshs. 2000 and Kshs. 5000. Even if we take the highest possible price per  Continue reading ...

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Agricultural Organisations In Kenya

An agricultural organisation is any body which promotes agricultural activities. These include:

  • Co-operative societies – which include the farmers’ co-operative which perform the following functions:

  • Marketing farmers produce

  • Negotiating for fair prices for farmers produce and also for input

  • Paying dividends to the members

  • Educating members on matters relevant to their co-operative through field days, seminars, workshop and demonstrations.

  • Agricultural Par  Continue reading ...

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Challenges Facing Kenyan Farmers

Kenya is a country whose major economic pillar is agriculture and it is practiced on both large and small scale. Small scale famers experience more challenges since they depend on the prevailing weather patterns in this case mostly rainfall which is normally unevenly distributed. The challenges facing the farmers include;

Meteorological reports; most meteorological reports produced by the Kenyan meteorological department through the Kenyan media have been unreliable since it is not as accurate as expected hence giving farmers losses because of the unstable weather patterns experienc  Continue reading ...

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Irrigation Farming In Kenya

Irrigation in Kenya has a long history that dates approximately 400 years ago. The traditional irrigation was for subsistence crop growing to supplement the seasonal rains. Among the regions in the country with records of traditional irrigation include lower parts of Tana River and in Keiyo, Marakwet,West Pokot, and Baringo districts.  In 18th century, there were rice irrigation activities in Kipini, Malindi, and Vanga where rice schemes were constructed by slaves. The Indian Coolies (railway builders) are also believed to have started irrigation schemes in Kibwezi and Makindu. In 1946  Continue reading ...

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Pharmaceutical Industries In Kenya

In Kenya, the health sector is one of the sectors in the economy of Kenya where a lot of emphasis have been put to ensure the good health of the society. Health institutions have been established in the country to ensure that the best services are provided to the people who are sick and need medical attention. This sector has developed and even licensed-private medical institutions have been established to accommodate the high number of patients in government hospitals. This private medical institutions have ensured that they provide the best services for the people in the society.

  Continue reading ...

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Best Chicken Breeds for Egg Production In Kenya

Chicken rearing is one of the booming homebased businesses from which one can earn handsomely.With the help of the digital incubators one is in a position to earn over ksh.80,000 weekly from selling over 800 days old pullets say if each is to be sold at ksh.100.For one to make such a successful business,one definitely needs a constant supply of eggs.

The most productive egg layers are hybrid such as;

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Dairy Farming In Kenya

Dairy Farming in Kenya type of livestock farming whereby cattle are kept for milk production with sole purpose of selling the milk to the consumer. There are two types of dairy farming in Kenya, namely:  Commercial dairy farming.    Domestic dairy farming.

Commercial dairy farming in Kenya is practiced in both small and large scale farms. There are two types of commercial dairying in Kenya, namely:

Highland commercial dairy farming

Highland commercial dairy farming is practiced in the Kenya highlands.The major highland dairying areas .

  Continue reading ...

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Challenges Of Bee Farming In Kenya

Beekeeping in Kenya used to be a rural enterprise which contributed significantly to improved livelihoods of most rural communities in Kenya. Now it is a commercial industry that has really grown since many industries are using bee products. A National Beekeeping Policy in Kenya has been put in place and a monitoring plan highlighting best practices in the honey industry, with quality and standards as the core objects. The quality assurance laboratory at the National Beekeeping Station in Kenya is now fully equipped to offer analytical services in honey residues to all the players in the ho  Continue reading ...

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Factors Promoting Sugarcane Farming In Western Kenya

Western county is the largest producer of sugarcane in the country and many farmers are investing in the cash crop and eventually making alot of profit from it.The various sugarcane companies found at the place have encouraged  the development of infrastructure in the regions making it good for farmers to invest in the crop.Among many other reasons,the following are some of the factors promoting the farming of sugarcane in western kenya

Plenty Supply of Rainfall

Sugarcane needs plenty supply of rainfall and the western part of the country has good rainfall patterns an  Continue reading ...

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Irrigation Methods Used Farmers In Kenya

Irrigation in Kenya is being used as one of the ways that can be used to enhance farming and boost agricultural productivity in the country. Several methods are used by Kenyan farmers to practice irrigation and the following are some of the major ways used to carry out irrigation.

Surface irrigation method

It includes water being pumped from a certain source of river into the area to be irrigated. The three common surface methods used in Kenya are flood irrigation where water will enter the land uncontrollably and does not need any minimum amount of land to be invented. Th  Continue reading ...

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Benefits of Fish Farming In Kenya

Fish farming in the country has had many advantages and that gives many people the reason to invest in it and make more profit in their life. It has been discovered that many farmers are setting up their own fish ponds in an effort to try and get ways of rearing fish. The various advantages of fish farming are outlined below.

Source of proteins

Health experts have recommended that a good balanced diet should always comprise of proteins and other types of nutrients. One way in which one can acquire nutrients to the body is by eating fish that is also delicious if well prepa  Continue reading ...

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Factors Governing Coffee Production In Kenya

Coffee farming is gaining a lot of popularity in the country making it crucial for farmers that wish to make profit from farming to invest in the business. It has been noted that for quite a long period of time, some factors need to be considered before one venturing into the business of planting and distributing coffee to factories.


A good farmer should plant crops that have huge demand by majority of people in the country. When demand is high, farmers can go ahead to venture into the business so as to be in good position to sale more coffee hence making much money  Continue reading ...

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List Of Most Common Kenyan Delicacies

Kenya has very many delicacies that are unique to Kenya and a few African countries.they include the following


This is  staple food in Kenya which is  made from cornmeal that is added to boiling water which is heated until it turns into a dense block of cornmeal paste.An easy way of knowing if the ugali is ready to eat is by cutting a small piece of the paste and throwing it on a wall.If it sticks to the wall the ugali is not ready but if it falls down it is ready and can be served.It is mostly served with cooked vegetables or saucy stew.It is a very cheap   Continue reading ...

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The Main Cash Crops In Kenya

Cash crop farming is one of the leading economic activities in Kenya , Kenya a country located within the tropics is preferably suitable for the growth of most crops available in the word. Agriculture is said to be the pillar of Kenya’s economy followed by tourism and other sectors hence the following are some of the cash crops grown in Kenya;


This is one of the most cultivated crops in Kenya and has served as a stable economy in the following areas of the country; Kericho, Bomet, Nyeri, Mt. Elgon, vihiga, Limuru, Kitale, Kirinyaga and various other small scare a  Continue reading ...

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Websites Providing Agricultural Information To farmers In Kenya

Agricultural being one of the most developed sector in the economy of Kenya has been able to produce the best quality in the country’s market and internationally. This is because the farmers in the country have been able to access the necessary tools that they require in the production of their specialized products. The farmers are able to know the methods that are required for the better crop yields.

Farmers have embraced the advancement in technology and thereby use the internet to acquire for any assistance that they need for their effective farming techniques. Due to the v  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How Farmers Control Animal Pests and Diseases In Kenya

For a long time, animal diseases have affected farmers in  kenya in such a way that they end up getting little profit from the amount they have collected. It is therefore important that one applies the various ways that can be used to control the spread of animal diseases in the country in order to make more and obtain huge benefits from their livestock.

Avoid Mixing Farm Animals

Animals often contract diseases when they are allowed to interact with others inform of grazing. It is therefore important that one takes a close look on how they can avoid mixing their cattl  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Steps Used By University Students In Designing Websites In Kenya

 A lot of university students in kenya find it hard to make and create a particular website to be used in supplying information to their juniors. Making of a simple website in campus can follow the following set of procedures.

Planning the website

The fact includes thinking about the various issues that can be done to avoid further build up of problems. The issues include possible factors that can affect the design of various websites. Purpose of the website should then follow and later the characteristics of people that a person wants them to have should follow.

  Continue reading ...

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How Farmers Prune Plants In Kenya

Pruning has for a longtime been one of the best ways of controlling the spread of infections such as fungus to plants. The method involves removing damaged branches in plants to encourage new growth and allow several other steps to be created from the tree. It is therefore important that the process be done in a more careful and proper manner. The following simple steps can help Kenyan farmers know how to prune their plants.

Thinning Out thick branches

The major problem attributed to the fact is that healthy trees need a lot of fresh air circulation around them .Most plant  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Problems Facing Agriculture In Kenya

Kenya is the largest agricultural country in the East African market. It is further the leading in exporting various manufactured goods to various countries that carry trade with it. However, despite the huge growth of agriculture in the country, the Kenyan market is experiencing a lot of hardships in creating more room for high production. The following are some of the major problems affecting the agricultural sector in the country.

Lack of Labor

Many Kenyans find it hard to venture into the agricultural sector by taking their time to supply the needed labor required for   Continue reading ...

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Rabbit Breeds Used By Kenyan Farmers

Rabbit keeping is becoming popular in the country making it necessary for farmers to take a close interest in the project and earn money from it. The demand for rabbit meat is growing each and every day making it necessary for one to start looking for the animal species and find out the best breeds that are most demanded by consumers. The following list comprises of the best rabbit breeds that can be kept by any Kenyan farmer.


The breed originated from Germany. It has an approximate size of 7-9Lb with a total of about 4.1kg.The breed belongs to those types that have  Continue reading ...

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Where To Get Agricultural Products In Kenya

Agro vets are one of the best places that one can seek to buy products that deal with farm animals. It is therefore important that agro vets be stocked with a lot of agricultural products to make it easy and convenient for the Kenyan farmer to obtain money and find ways of seeking help when they discover problems with their animals or crops. Some of the products most demanded in agro vets include the following.

Irrigation Pumps

Farmers may ask for the best pumps to help them in watering their crops. One of the best places to obtain such pumps is by taking a visit to variou  Continue reading ...

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Corporate Procurement Guidelines In Kenya

Procurement is the acquisition of goods, services or works from an external source. Based on our basic philosophy that good electronics begin with good components and good components begin with good materials, we at Murata will strengthen collaboration with our partners from the view point of ethical, legal compliance, prioritizing quality and delivery due date, environmental conservation.


ü  Provide general and specific guidelines for managing the buying of items and services.

ü  Establishing a purchasing criteria an  Continue reading ...

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The Most Corrupt Departments/Organisations in Kenya

The Police

The field is considered to be the most corrupt as seen by the rising number of bribe cases that exploit innocent people. The Kenya police is more corrupt especially in the traffic department. Many buses end up giving huge amounts of money to the police so that they can operate and most of them carry out illegal activities. It is therefore important that ways be invented on how the practice can be stopped for the sake of avoiding the exploitation of innocent Kenyans.

The Education Department

It is one of the departments that have increasing cases of cor  Continue reading ...

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Irrigation Farming in Kenya

Mwea Tabere Irrigation Scheme

It is located in Mwea and the best in the country. The irrigation schemes popularly known for the production of rice and is loved by many Kenyans in the outcome. It has since grown by the way in which technology is continually replacing the old ways of providing water to crops. Mwea is playing very important roles in the agricultural development of the country and is since growing to be the best in the east Africa market. It has provided a lot of employment opportunities for Kenyans and continues to accommodate new crop varieties.

Ahero Irrig  Continue reading ...

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Best Tea Factories in Kericho, Kenya


It is located on the right along Bomet-Kericho road. It is one hundred meters before Premier center and a kilometer after Ngoina road in Rift Valley province Kenya. It produces a high quality tea leaves of grade one. It has branded its tea leaves CHAMJI. It has a high power mechanism that operates within the residential of its workers and within the factory itself. It has more than 5000 workers. It also has efficient transport due to tracks and pick-up availability. It also has clean water for the visitors that come to see how the factory operat  Continue reading ...

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Tea Production Areas in Kenya


Farming of tea in Kenya has been proven to be one of the greatest sources of income for Kenyan farmers. The production of tea at both small and large scale is important in a number of ways that can be considered to be of great help in expanding the economic growth of the country. The following are the major tea production areas in Kenya.


The area is one of the largest tea farming regions in the country and has several factories that are carrying out tea manufacturing activities. The place has the cool and wet climate that favours the huge growth and   Continue reading ...

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Problems Facing Tea Farmers in Kenya

Farming in Kenya has been affected by a lot of challenges and the problems continue to flood the Kenyan farmers in many counties. It has come to the realization that most tea farmers in Kenya encounter the following major problems in the production of quality tea.

Pests and Diseases

Some seasons in the year make the prevalence of diseases to be more popular and make the Kenyan farmers to suffer huge loses. The crops continually gets attacks from pests and makes the farmer go huge waste as they attack some parts of whole of the crop making it hard to survive and thrive well  Continue reading ...

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Essentials of a valid Contact in Kenya

Many people have entered into contacts with other parties and have continually failed due to several reasons. The major fact attributed to the failure of their contacts is not considering the essentials offered by a valid contract that includes the following.


A good contact should have an offer that must be definite. The offer should also be expressed and must be communicated to both parties. It must either be specific or general depending on the condition offered by it.


It implies that a certain person i  Continue reading ...

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The Best suppliers in Hybrid Seeds in Kenya

Agriculture in Kenya has been lately developing in all the areas especially rural areas due to many modes of farming and farm tools that are been introduced by the agricultural experts. This tools and technologies ensure that the farmers can be able to develop their farms and produce the best quality of products. This will ensure that they maintain food security in their areas as well as attract some income since high quality agricultural products make people to buy them in a higher price as compared to the low standards products.

Farming is therefore a commitment that the farmers s  Continue reading ...

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Where to buy Farm Equipment, Tools and Inputs: Best Agrovets in Kenya

Farming is one the sectors in Kenya which has most of the benefits when practiced carefully and using standards tools and inputs. Farming ensure that the country has enough food for sale and consumption when agriculture has been put in to considerations by the people and especially the government. The government when providing the farmers with manure and other inputs ensure that the farms will produce enough and high standards output which will benefit the nation as a whole.

From this therefore, the nation and entrepreneurs have invested in agriculture and set up shops to ensure tha  Continue reading ...

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Problems Facing Fishing in Lake Victoria



Many fishermen are venturing into the business making the number to increase at a more faster rate. The outcome is that it has made the place to have few number of fish species due to overfishing. The fishermen cannot give time for the available fish to multiply and grow in number rather they go ahead to endangered the species by fishing in not only large numbers but also in huge amounts.

Growth of water Hyacinth

The plant species is really making the work of fishermen in the lake to be more difficult and sound hardest. The growth of th  Continue reading ...

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Software Technology College in Kenya: Study for well- paying jobs

Call Corporate Associate: +254720100220

The institute is located in Nairobi CBD, all the courses are geared to making the student job ready and job opportunities are guaranteed after completion of the courses. The college trains employees of different companies in relation to Oracle database training, ICDL,Oracle developer training, Red hat Linux administration, Suse Linux, Appin front runner and java programming. Their mode of training is flexible and onsite training. Institute of software Technologies is the only Oracle approved Education center in East and cent  Continue reading ...

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Tuition Centers in Nairobi: for best exam grades

Most tuition will train students who belong to the following education level Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12.

Webbz Tuition Center

The Tuition Centre is located in Kileleshwa it caters for children in the ages of 5–13 and 13–18. They help children get the important content for the preparation of their national and international examinations the student is equipped with basic academic information. It is a private tuition center that has the  Continue reading ...

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New Rice Breed For Kenyan Farmers

Rice farming in Kenya has been improved more especially by the discovery of the new breed. Hopes of Kenyan farmers continue to increase hence the country can reduce the continued reliance on foreign imports to have one of the staple food for its citizens. The new breed is known as IR522 that has newly developed strains and further uses less amounts of water than the rest of other varieties. The breed has been noted to deliver high yields and that makes it suitable for many Kenyans as it has been discovered further that it can provide a lot of proteins to majority of Kenyans. Agricultural ex  Continue reading ...

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Sugar Factories in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries producing sugarcane at a large scale in the east Africa market. Sugar is produced for the main purpose of exporting to other countries through exports and the remaining can be easily consumed by the local residents. In Kenya the following companies are known for large scale sugar production.

West Kenya Sugar Company

It’s located about 5km from malava town in Kakamega. The company pays well its workers and it is playing crucial roles in urbanization in the western parts of the country. West Kenya is employing a lot of job  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Popular TV Shows in Kenya

The media industry is continually growing and winning the attention of many viewers. However, each kind of person has there favorite programmes and the following are among the best in the industry.


The show is the most popular in the industry due to hosting various comedians that make Kenyans laugh. Apart from jut comedy, the show invites popular personnel in various fields making it enjoyable to watch. Churchill show is done at the carnivore and it is ranked as the best comedy show in east and central Africa.


The show i  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered at Bukura Agricultural College- Department of Agricultural Education and Rural Development.


Bukura is a middle level college that offer training majorly on Agricultural education and other related fields. The institution is located a few kilometers from Butere along Butere-Kakamega road. The college is set an approximately 580 acres of land. The institution is dedicated to train students on agricultural sciences. It provides high quality training programmes for its students by giving them the hand-on skills in various programmes offered.

There are various departments at Bukura Agricultural College, department of Agricultural Education and Ru  Continue reading ...

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Certificate and Diploma Courses Offered at Bukura Agricultural College- Department of Basic and Applied Science.

Certificate and Diploma Courses Offered at Bukura Agricultural College- Department of Basic and Applied Science.

Bukura is a middle level college that offer training majorly on Agricultural education and other related fields. The institution is located a few kilometers from Butere along Butere-Kakamega road. The college is set an approximately 580 acres of land. The institution is dedicated to train students on agricultural sciences. It provides high quality training programmes for its students by giving them the hand-on skills in various programmes offered.

  Continue reading ...

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How to start a successful Chicken farming

Chicken farming is the process of domesticating chicken and providing them with the basics and later using them as a source of meat and eggs. To raise chicken for the purpose of meat you require broiler breed and for eggs you need layers breed. The project starts as a vision and you should have the desire to do it. If you have no doubts that you really want to start a chicken farming project then formulate a plan, write down your goals and missions of starting the project, come up with ways on how you want to operate your business, this should answer the questions of how, where and when.Continue reading ...

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How to start a profitable onion farming project

The botanical name for onions is Allium cepa, they are an indispensable spice in a variety of meals. Onions are categorized according to the color, size and shape. Onions can be harvested while still young; there is a perennial type of onion which is rarely attacked by insects or diseases. The onions can be planted by direct seed or by transplanting. The seedling stage requires planting of seedling in a seedling bed, the soil of the bed should be loose which takes 6 weeks for them to be ready for transplant.

Transplanting method has a higher rate of succeeding than direct seeds; oni  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Seed Company –Kitale


Kenya Seed Company is a firm run by the government of Kenya whose main role is to produce, test and certify various crop seeds and livestock breeds. It also provides advices to farmers on the best and safe methods of farming. His company is located about 7 kilometers west of Kitale town along Kitale –Endebess road. The company is mandated to produce certified seeds which are then made accessible to farmers all over Kenya.

The main products of this company include; cereals such as maize, wheat, rice, sorghum and millet; vegetables such as cabbage  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

The Kenya Cereals And Produce Board- Mois’bridge.


Kenya Cereals and Produce Board (KCPB) is a government body in Kenya whose main function is buying and storage of cereals from farmers. The board has its branches in many towns such as Webuye, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Moisbridge.

At Moisbridge, Kenya Cereals and Produce Board is located within the Township along Moisbridge-Cherangani road. This is one of the largest branches in Kenya consisting of eight large silos with a capacity of approximately 5 million bags of cereals. This board is easily accessible through tarmac roads that feed it. The Main cereals  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How to start profitable Bee farming in Kenya.

Bee farming is the keeping of bees for productive purposes. It is one of the cheapest types of farming that a person can engage in especially here in Kenya. Since Kenya is a country that is approximately 80 percent arid and semi-arid, it is a favorable place for bee farming because bee farming is a type of enterprise that does not require fertile land.

The arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya such as Baringo and Kitui County have proved to be the best counties in bee production because most of the honey that is being sold in Kenyan market is coming from those two counties.

The   Continue reading ...

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute- Kakamega.


Kenya Agricultural Research Institute is a center for research on various agricultural fields in kenya including crops, livestock and forestry and the effects of the climate change on crops, and livestock as well as the environment. This research center is located in the outskirts of Kakamega town opposite Golf club play ground. It is the largest agricultural research institute that serves western region of Kenya.

The main mission of this research center is to carry out research on the various crops and livestock species. It employs technology in its   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How to start a profitable fish farming in Kenya

Fish farming is a form of aquaculture in kenya; it is one of the most rewarding farming projects in Kenya. Fish is a very marketable white meat not only in the African Market but also overseas. Fish is known to be a very nice meat to expectant mothers for they help in brain formation of the unborn baby. Anyone can grow fish as long as they have passion of growing it.

Fish farming and harvesting has initially been known to be practiced in Coastal and around Lake Victoria i kenya. The Government, with the aid of ministry of fisheries gives a special assistant to anyone willing to do f  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices are located in ILRI Campus on Old Naivasha Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices in Nairobi is P.O. Box 30709- 00100 Nairobi.

The email address of African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices is

The telephone contacts of African Agricultural Technology Foundation Offices are 254-20 422 3700. The Fax is 254-20 422 3701.

The website of Afr  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of National Irrigation Board Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

National Irrigation Board in Kenya has offices in Unyunyizi House on Lenana Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of National Irrigation Board offices in Kenya is P.O Box 30372-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of National Irrigation Board in Nairobi are +254 722321653, +254 0202711380 and 2711468. The Fax details are +254 020 2722821 and 2711347.

The email address of National Irrigation Board office in Nairobi is

The website of National Irrigation Board is at   Continue reading ...

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How To Improve Quail Products Market In Kenya; Is Quail Keeping In Kenya Good Business?

Quail rearing in Kenya is on everyone’s mouth in Kenya after some Kenya TV stations highlighted the growing quail craze in Kenya. Late last year, most people in Kenya had come to learn of the possibility of rearing the quail bird in Kenya, and of the fast high returns of quail keepers in Kenya. Farmers in Kenya abandoned their earlier ventures to rear quails birds in Kenya. Some even left their well paying jobs in Kenya to engage in the quail million shilling venture. The quail rearing business in Kenya did provide good returns wi  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Quail Eggs Distributors In Kenya And East Africa

Quail farming in Kenya has been the recent most profitable investment by Kenyans. Quail farming has been started recently in East Africa and hence most farmers in Kenya are starting to learn the market of quail meat and quail eggs in Kenya and beyond Kenya. Exporting quail eggs from Kenya is more profitable than selling within Kenya, though there are added expenses. The demand for quail products in Kenya and in East Africa is high and hence people are looking for the quail suppliers in Kenya.

There are many quail farmers in Kenya who engaged in the quail farming business in Kenya re  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Start A Quail Rearing Business In Kenya

Almost everyone in Kenya has heard about the new craze farming that is quail rearing in Kenya. Some have even abandoned white collar jobs in Kenya to enter into the said million shillings business of quail farming in Kenya. So what exactly is Quail farming in Kenya all about?

Quails in Kenya are small birds that weigh 200g at most when mature. Quails in Kenya are kept for their meat as well as eggs products. Quails have long been a delicacy in Asia and the developed world, with some scientists advocating for their declaration as super foods because of the numerous Quail health benef  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Panaito Studio In Nairobi: Providing First Class Photograhy Services In Kenya

Capturing a singular moment in time not only gives you something to reminisce about but also reminds you that life provides many opportunities to be thankful for. Kenya is a land filled with beauty as can be attested to by the number of tourists in Kenya who visit the land and the attraction sites in various parts of Kenya. You can easily capture moments with your camera or phone. However, there are times you are in need of professionally taken photos in Kenya. At such times, you could do without distorted photos. When that time arrives, you want a well trained professio  Continue reading ...

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How Banana Farmers In Kenya Can Benefit From Banana Tissue Culture

Agriculture is Kenya`s main contributor to GDP (gross domestic product) in Kenya. This means Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya`s economy, due to its significance in economic growth. Farmers in Kenya are involved in both small and large-scale farming of crops and livestock. For many farmers in Kenya, other than cash crops such as coffee, fruits seem to a better economic activity due to demand and high profits in Kenyan Market.

One of the common fruits in Kenya is bananas. Banana fruits in Kenya are extensively cultivated as a staple food and also as an income generating activity b  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Make Money Out Of Pomegranate Farming In Kenya

Kenya has discovered a new wonder fruit. The pomegranate fruit in Kenya. Pomegranate fruit in Kenya is a red fruit with a tough outer bark like layer, and it originated from Persia a long time ago. Pomegranate fruit is a type of fruit found on many people`s fences in Kenya and probably eaten by birds but not anymore after this breakthrough. Pomegranate fruit is a fruit in Kenya the size of an apple with many small seeds covered by a skin which looks like a tree bark. People in Kenya usually chew the seeds of pomegranate fruit or just make juice with them. Nutritionists in Kenya advice   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Harness Dairy Farming Capacity In Kenya

You have to agree with me that success in today’s dairy industry in Kenya is volatile and somewhat evanescent. With the give way of the Kenya Cooperative Creameries K.C.C, which was the colossal monopoly in the late 1990’s, there have been efforts to refurbish the dairy sector in Kenya. This was attributed to mismanagement of the sector in Kenya. The government of Kenya, however, reclaimed the assets of this company and made it a parastatal and it is now renamed New K.C.C. The farmers in Kenya believe in the privatization.

Dom  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Improve Coffee Farming In Kenya

Imagine sipping a cup of coffee that you are certain is truly authentic and unadulterated Kenyan coffee. Satisfying isn’t it? But how many Kenyans lavish this? Kenyan coffee is one of the highest quality coffee in the world. Coffee in Kenya is extraordinarily rich in acidity and flavour, full body and deep in sensual aroma and hints of chocolate, floral and citrus undertones. It is not just about the taste of the Kenyan coffee. According to a study conducted by researchers at Lund University in Sweden two cups of coffee a day could stop breast cancer recurring in recove  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Is Quail Farming The New Craze In Kenya?

How can such a small bird in Kenya be causing such a furore? This little bird is the reason why many Kenyans are smiling all the way to the bank. It is a dream come true in the field of nutrition and alternative medicine in Kenya due to its myriads of benefits, among them curing cancer and a host of other lifestyle diseases in Kenya. With the prevalence of such diseases, people in Kenya have shifted from consuming highly processed foods to natural foods like wild meat, fruits and spring water. No doctor or nutritionist in Kenya in their right mind would advise anyone who wants to eat health  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Where To Get Classy Laptops - Ebrahim Electronics In Nairobi Kenya

Have you ever intended to buy a laptop in Nairobi and wondered where to get a convenient place to buy? Well, today I present you Ebrahim Electronics in Nairobi city centre. In this electronics shop in Kenya, a variety of laptops are provided for customers who come in to purchase. The wide variety of laptops to choose are in a range from HP Dual core, Toshiba Celeron,  Toshiba dual core, Toshiba i3 Intel, HP probook i3, ASUS i3, Sumsung, Acer, Apple laptops such as Macbook AIR 11 and many other varieties of laptops. In this computer shop in Nairobi city, there are valid prices  Continue reading ...

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Eggs Incubator Trays In Kenya For Quail Farmers In Kenya

‘I am looking for a high quality incubator in Kenya for quails and hens with a big capacity preferably above 1000 hatching capacity and preferably with automatic turning and a fun. I won’t also mind if it comes with a generator.’ This has been most people’s wishes and requests. The demand for incubators in Kenya with multiple functions has been going on for a long while since this type of farming hit the market in Kenya. I am here to introduce the eggs incubator trays that are newly created.

The eggs incubator trays in Kenya use both dc n ac power. This means  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Increase Production In Chicken Farming In Kenya

Chicken farming has become a very common type of farming in Kenya. The demand for the products of this farming is high in Kenya and for export purposes. A smart investor in Kenya would better take advantage of the high demand to venture into quail farming, broilers farming or into chicken farming. There are however, various aspects that farmers in Kenya should know to boost their products and success.

During cold seasons, chicken are usually adversely affected and need to be given more attention. Cold seasons in Kenya are well known and could be predicted. Farmers, therefore need to  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Why Quail Farming In Kenya Supersedes Chicken Farming

If you have a few shillings in your pocket, you have probably thought of ways to double your money in Kenya through business ventures. Breeding chicken in Kenya, once a very lucrative business, has unfortunately turned into nightmares for most farmers in Kenya due to the high cost of chicken feed. Prices on all commodities in Kenya continue to rise, and salaries continue to remain the same. Kenyan youths looking to do chicken farming in Kenya as a solution have been largely disappointed. What if you could engage in a business in Kenya that provides better yields, tastier eggs and meat, and   Continue reading ...