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Apparently, I happened to join ZaKenya article writing website recently but am amazed by the huge following the site has garnered in the past few months. ZaKenya is a freelancing site in Kenya. People in Kenya and beyond are now able to get information about Kenya online in an organized manner. Kenyans who are in search of knowledge and facts about Kenya, can now easily access that by just using the ZaKenya website in Kenya. Travellers, tourists, people in the globe interested in Knowing about Kenya can now get all that information in one site. ZaKenya has created a niche for itself in Kenya, whether it is in terms of the huge following on social media platforms, undeterred communication platforms and well laid out customer support avenues, there is no doubt that ZaKenya is bound to make it BIG in the coming days and maybe many years to come.

Originally a simple idea intended to aid Kenyans communicate and learn from each other on the same board, ZaKenya has with no doubt grown in bounds. One thing that I really appreciate about this article sharing platform is the good compensation plan on ZaKenya that they have put forward for all its members and especially the authors like me. No other Website, not even KenyaPlex can match up to what ZaKenya is able to offer. ZaKenya has taken article writing in Kenya to an advanced new level.

Well, you should not perceive me wrongly and think that am just here to send some spam details to you. I have worked with ZaKenya for the past few days and am convinced that this is the right platform on which to share your wealth of knowledge with other Kenyans. Here now is a look at some of the main reasons why I really love what ZaKenya is doing;

Experienced personnel in ZaKenya

ZaKenya as a website is managed by experienced personnel. I had an issue with using the site in the first case when I joined but the personnel had me sorted in the shortest time possible. This means that the personnel value every site visitor and this is one of the reasons I have chosen to stay put.

Expertise on ZaKenya

I do not just work on the internet in Kenya. I am a successful internet marketer and freelance writer based in Kenya. I have shared my knowledge with millions of people across the globe through the online platform. I have worked for many web content creation websites in Kenya and beyond, and even do so today but there is something that really attracts me to ZaKenya. Not just in terms of communication in ZaKenya, they also ensure that the articles availed to the population are perfectly written to send the message across and as such, my articles have been getting consistent traffic since I started sharing them a few days ago.

Communication on ZaKenya

Last but not least, the other reason why I have chosen to stick with the website, ZaKenya is their high level of concern and communication. Communication is crucial in ensuring that there is successful relay of information on the website about Kenya. The experts on ZaKenya website about Kenya always keep all writers posted and informed. I am glad I had the chance to know about ZaKenya. Long Live ZaKenya.

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