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Kenya have various industries that provide different products and services to people in Kenya and also abroad. These industries and companies ensure that their services are of highest quality in order to conquer the available market in Kenya and in the World.

Most established companies that are situated in Kenya include the Rivatex Industry for textile, C and P shoe limited for manufacture of shoes, Crown Paints Limited and many more. Wire Products limited is among the best companies that offer world class services and products to their customers. This company limited was established under the industrial promotional services.

They serve both the local as well as the export markets within East Africa region as their products are well known for quality and reliability. Their main interest is to produce goods that are affordable and yet made to the highest standards possible. The company ensure their products variability for their clients to have different designs in the products they purchase from this company. Some of the products they produce include;

PVC coated chain link

These products are thermally bonded and protected against rust. This product is mainly used in fences for playgrounds, gardens, super highway, railway, airport, ports and residence. The major specification of this product width of up to 8 Ft, Mesh size of 80mm by 80mm, knuckled edge with a diameter of 18 meters.

Chain Link Product

It is made from galvanized wire and the wires run vertically and are bent into a zig-zag pattern so that each zig hooks with the wire immediately on one side forming a characteristic diamond pattern. The best chain link produced include the specification of standard sizes between 4Ft to 8 Ft, Mesh size ranging from 50mm to 80mm square, the thickness of wire being 1.80mm to 4mm diameter, Zinc Coating and the type of edges where they may be various types. There are a variety of chain link products produced in this company with different specifications and they include SHAMBA chain link type A, SHAMBA chain link B and SHAMBA chain link special heavy duty.

Barbed Wire

This product is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or point arranged at intervals along the strands. It is majorly used by people to construct inexpensive fences. Wire Products limited provide one of the best types of barbed wire which is strong and it is made of specifications such as lengths of up to 610Mts, diameters of up to 16G (1.60mm) and high tensile wire with the superior quality. Wire products produce SHAMBA 610Mts, SHAMBA 480Mts and SHAMBA 12.5G 220Mts all with different specification which are unique in their production.

Weld mesh and BRC’s products

This is another wire product manufactured by this company and produced in square or rectangular mesh from steel wire, spot welded at each intersection which are usually affixed to steel uprights. For the purchase on any type of the weld mesh sheets, the customers need to know the best type they can buy that suits their needs. The major parameters that need to be put in place include the mesh size/hole size, dimensions, wire diameter and protection type as also applied to BRC’s products.


Wire products Limited also manufacture nails of all the various sizes and types. The nails that they commonly manufacture include the ordinary nails which range from 0.75inches to 6inches maximum, diameter of various sizes and different standards, Panel pins which have small heads and thinner body mostly for furniture making, clout nails with big head with shank diameter used for ceiling, insulation boards, battens and general boards, fencing staples which are U shaped nails for fencing purposes and supplied in black or galvanized form with common size include 1 inch and 1.5 inches, roofing nails as well as twisted nails which have a twisted body for better grip available in wire diameter from 3.80mm to 4.50mm

Razor wire

This is a mesh of strips with sharp edges whose purpose in to prevent passage by humans as it is designed to inflict serious cuts on anyone attempting to pass it therefore have a strong psychological deterrent

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