Procurement Process in Kenya

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Procurement means to obtain a good or service or source for an item, goods or a service it is universally defined as the acquisition by purchase , rental, lease, hire purchase, tenancy, franchise, or by contractual means of any type of works, assets, services or goods including livestock or any combination. The following are the legal guidelines for procurement in the Kenyan government according to the Public Procurement oversight authority PPOA


This form should contain the following specifications like state the objective of the works, establish the preliminary specifications, confirm budget availability, indicate authority for procurement and allocate a unique procurement number to be used in tracking and mon


This form seeks approval by the tender committee and checks on the following; request for approval of detailed plans and technical specifications by end user department, request for approval of procurement method, approval of tender report evaluation and contract award recommendations, approval of contract documents and contract signature, request for contract amendments. This is encouraged for the purpose of standardization and ensures approvals by tender committee.


This is meant for the purpose of standardization of preparations and improves the content of evaluation reports submitted to the tender committee for approval.


It has two formats for separate financial and technical evaluations to allow for two envelopes tendering this helps to standardize the process and improve the report submitted to the tendering committee.


This to itself is more of a tendency encouraged to be pursued by the government that monthly reports be submitted to the government accounting officer for checkup and auditing.

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