Location Of The Umoja Market In Umoja Estate In Nairobi Eastlands, Kenya

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Most urban centers in Kenya have characteristic markets sparked by the urban sprawl and resultant growth. Umoja Estate in Nairobi has its very own Umoja Market in Nairobi that is located in Umoja I estate. Umoja in Kenya is one of the residential estates in Nairobi. Umoja in Nairobi is found in the larger Nairobi Eastland area off Outer Ring Road in Nairobi.

Umoja Estate in Nairobi began in the soon after independence of Kenya in 1963. The Umoja Estate in Nairobi was preceded by Buruburu Estate in Nairobi which was used as training grounds for the army of Kenya during the colonial period. Umoja estate in Kenya is separated from Buruburu estate in Nairobi by Outer Ring Road and Mtindwa Market in Nairobi. However Sonko Road in Nairobi Eastlands was recently opened cutting across Mtindwa Market in Umoja Estate to connect both Umoja and Buruburu estates.

Umoja Market in Nairobi is located along Moi Drive in Umoja estate. Umoja Market in Kenya is approximately 700 metres off Outer Ring Road in Nairobi. Umoja market in Nairobi is famous for the many salons found within the market. There are over 30 salon stalls in Umoja Market in Umoja Estate that focus on hairdo and hair repairs. Unlike most markets in Kenya that deal in vegetables and other foods, Umoja market in Nairobi has surprisingly no foodstuff being sold within the market. There are over 100 salonists in the Umoja Market, averaging to atleast 5 salonists per salon. This means that hair dos take a shorter time than in other salons in Nairobi where there are at most two people attending to you. The fact that hairdos take a short time has led to the current fame of Umoja Market in Eastlands Nairobi.

To access Umoja market from Nairobi City Centre, you can board theNairobi UmoInner buses at the Ronald Ngala bus stop in Nairobi. These buses to Umoja estate in Nairobi usually pass just past Umoja market in Nairobi and as such you can request the conductor to let you alight along Moi Drive in Nairobi.

By personal means, Umoja market can be accessed via Jogoo Road in Nairobi, into Buruburu phase four estate in Nairobi, to Outer Ring Road in Nairobi and finally to Umoja estate in Nairobi. People travel from far estates in Nairobi area to come have their hair made in the Nairobi salon stalls found in Umoja Market in Kenya.

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