Factors Affecting The Purchase of Products in Kenya

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The Kenyan market keeps changing depending on a number of issues. It has come to the realization that very few business personnel’s in Kenya know about the various challenges affecting the distribution of products in the country hence end up giving in the huge attempts to carry out business transactions. The following factors affect the consumption of goods in Kenya.

Government Policy

Young entrepreneurs need to check on the various policies accepted and rejected by the Kenyan government. It is good for one to check on what the government is expecting before investing in a certain type of business or simply making a decision that will not lead to one regretting. Policies regarding the Kenyan government are continually changing each and every day and hence one should be careful when setting up business.

Culture and Religion

Some products cannot be sold at certain places as the culture of the people does not allow them or encourage the consumption of certain goods or using some particular types of products’ good example to the above point is the situation in which a person goes to sell pigs in a Muslim dominated area. The outcome is that very few will purchase the product. It is advisable  for one to find out more about a place and the belief of the majority of the people before investing in business at the place.


The price of a particular commodity can largely affect the number of people purchasing that product. It is important for mangers to find out what their competitors are offering for certain types of products to capture the ones that are running away due to heavy prices. Price comes hand in hand with the taxes charged about various products hence mangers should consider what to do with their price levels.

Availability of Substitute Products

Many products cannot sell at a faster rate as the substitute products regarding them are many in number making it hard for them to enjoy the monopoly of being few in numbers. The presence of substitute makes it hard for businesses to expand hence they should look for better alternatives of handling the market value.


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