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8 years ago

Rural-urban Migration In Kenya

Rural-urban migration generally refers to the movement of people from one region basically the rural areas to the urban areas/towns. This has been a major problem and issue in Kenya as there has been a drastic increase in population in the urban areas / towns.

Better living standards is one of the key reasons that have contributed to an increased number of rural –urban migration, as people migrate from the rural areas expecting an improvement in their living standards. This is where they may leave their current paying jobs in the rural areas with the hope that they may end up   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Major Sources Of Conflict At The Workplace In Kenya

Conflict is a state of serious disagreement or argument. There are various sources of conflict in the workplace in Kenya which have been discovered and discussed worldwide.

Poor communication

This is one of the major sources of conflict in Kenyan workplaces whereby a supervisor or employer tends to give out unclear instructions in the workplace to their subordinates who in return do not understand what is expected of them hence, this may lead to conflict.


Is one of the major courses of harassment in the workpla  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Services Available At Nakumatt Lifestyle Kenya

Nakumatt lifestyle mall is one of the biggest malls within the Nairobi County in Kenya. It is situated within the heart and soul of the Nairobi city, the capital city of Kenya, and is located along Monrovia Street.The various services being offered in nakumatt lifestyle include;


This mainly features nakumatt supermarket where it offers a wide variety of common goods and services found all over the country hence a must go shopping area. It was established in 1987 and has been rapidly expanding ever since, thus now offers a wide variety of goods  Continue reading ...