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8 years ago

Courses Offered At South Eastern Kenya University

Agriculture plays a major role as far as Kenya’s economy is concerned. However, not all areas in Kenya are conducive for engaging in the various forms of Agriculture. South Eastern Kenya University offers various courses under the Department of Dry-land Agriculture to ensure that individuals are well acquainted with different agricultural methods. It offers degree courses as well as diploma and certificate courses.

Degree programs

The South Eastern Kenya University offers various degree courses under the department of Dry-land Agriculture. These are:  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Makini College

In 1997, Makini College became operational as the tertiary education and training arm of Makini School. Since then it has been on the forefront of providing quality education and has won various accolades in the field of education. In 2000, the college was accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology. The following Diploma courses are offered at Makini College.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Online marketing has had enormous success in recent years. Both physical and online businesses are embracing digital marketing to stay ahead of   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Diploma Courses Offered At Kiriri Women’s University Of Science And Technology

Ever since its establishment, Kiriri Women’s University of Science And Technology offers various degree and diploma courses intened to encourage women to become more business savvy. The following diploma courses are offered at the institution.

Diploma in Portfolio Management

Kiriri Women’s University has established Diploma in Portfolio Management course to demystify the stock market. The stock market is one area in the Kenyan market force that has few women due to its perceived difficulty. The program aims to enhance the needed skills relevant  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Undergraduate Courses Offered At Kiriri Women’s University Of Science And Technology

Girls and women in Kenya are disadvantaged in terms of access to education. There are various factors that contribute to this. Cultural beliefs, religious beliefs and societal norms play a role in undermining the role of education to those of the female gender. Harmful practices such as FGM and early marriages seek to cut short the lifespan of a girl’s education. Female students who manage to continue with their secondary and higher education often perform poorly in Mathematics and Science subjects. Fortunately, there are institutions such as Kiriri Women’s University of Science  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Diploma Courses Offered At Jodan College In Kenya

Although higher education in Kenya is desirable, not everyone is qualified to join a public or a private university. In fact, each year, only about twenty thousand students who sat for the Kenya Secondary Certificate of Education qualify for university. However, a lot of Kenyan students are benefitting from diploma courses offered in various colleges. These courses are often a stepping stone into institutions of higher learning. Jodan College is one college that gives individuals a chance to undertake diploma courses. It offers various diploma courses such as:

Diploma in Se  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Undergraduate Programmes Offered At Jodan College In Kenya

Since independence, Kenya has been trying to root out illiteracy. There have been a number of colleges and universities that have been established to cater to the growing demand of education. Jodan College is one such institution. The institution focuses on ensuring its students excel beyond their expectations and transform into individuals who can come up with ideas that can change the world. Jodan College is open to both the East African community and the international community. The college offers various degree courses such as:

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Kisii University Faculty Of Education And Human Resource

Kisii University offers various courses under the faculty of Education and Human Resource. The main aim of the various courses offered is to meet the society’s requirement of qualified teachers in secondary schools and in tertiary colleges. The teaching profession in Kenya is vastly disadvantaged as a lot of schools are under stuffed. Teachers are forced to teach subjects they are not well familiar with and they have to deal with a large number of students. The Faculty of Education and Human Resource offers the following courses:

8 years ago

Kisii University Bachelor In Ecoutourism And Hospitality Admission Criteria

Tourism and Hospitality industries are billed among the top forex earners in Kenya and for good reason. Kenya is a beautiful country. Unlike other countries, the weather in Kenya makes it habitable throughout the year. The beaches, the faunal and floral biodiversity, the cuisine and the culture can be explored endlessly. The tourism sector has been dominated by conventional tourism for years and usually at the expense of local communities as they were only deemed as outsiders. However, there are new tourism policies that have been put into place that emphasize on the involvement of the loca  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kisii University Bachelor Of Science In Natural Resource Management Admission Criteria

No doubt many Kenyans have already heard about the various discoveries of natural resources that are being made in coastal, arid and semi-arid lands. Lands such as Turkana, which previously held little appeal, are suddenly gained regional recognition. Natural resources in Kenya encompass, aquatic life, fauna and floral, water-catchment areas and wetlands. These are resources that are unfortunately not given the adequate attention where protection is concerned. Human beings encroach on wetlands and act surprised when they encounter floods or other disasters. Forests and animals are in danger  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Pwani University School Of Agriculture And Environmental Science

Formerly known as Kilifi Insitute of Agriculture, the now Pwani University was a constituent of Kenyatta University. Pwani University is now one of the public universities in Kenya following its establishment in 2007. It is situated 60km north of Mombasa in the resort town of Kilifi. Since its establishment, Pwani University has grown and has expanded in terms of the courses it offers and in terms of its involvement and service to the local community. Pwani University is well known for its collaboration with both local and international research institutions. One of the areas it has expande  Continue reading ...