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6 years ago

How Kenyan Farmers Carry Out Tissue Culture For Crops

Tissue culture is a biotechnology that is bing usd extensively in the cloning of vegatatively propagated plants.It is based on the plants ability to regenerate other types of plant parts.Propagation of plants follows the following major three steps for it to be considered successful.

Stage 1

It includesestablishing the asceptic culture and developing the propagule by mutually enhancing cell division and enlargment.Contamination is elimanated by the use disinfectants such as alcohol,calcium and mercury chloride.All tools should be sterilised.

Stage 2

It in  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Hindrances To Faster Industrialization In Kenya

Kenya is one of the best developed nations in eastern Africa.One of the factors that promote the fast growth of countries in the world is industrialization.Kenya being one of the countries that do well is however facing many challenges when it comes to the growth of industries.The following are some of the major hindrances to growth of local industries.

Lack of labour

Majority of the youth that are learned are venturing into white colar jobs leaving no room for the industrial sector to have adequate supply of labor.It is important that labor be supplied in plenty for the p  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Kakuma Refugee Camp In Kenya

It is located in turkana ,the population Kakuma Refugee Camp serves refugees who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries due to war or persecution. It was established in 1992 to serve Sudanese refugees, and has since expanded to serve refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Uganda, and Rwanda. According to current UNHCR statistics, the camp population stands at just under 50,000 refugees.

The local Kenyan population is largely comprised of nomadic pastoralists from the Turkana community. A  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Pests And Diseases Affecting Cabbage Farmers In Kenya

Cabbages are a source of income for many farmers in the country and care should be taken to ensure that they are well cultivated and farmers find humble time to take good care of them by simply attending to them and ensuring that they are prevented from major disease infections. The growth of cabbage is however inhibited by the attack of the following major pest and diseases.


Masses of aphid attack the crop leaves especially during the periods that are dry and the weather does not let much rainfall. They are rare in situations that provoke wet conditions. During the  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Carrots Farming In Kenya

Carrots are gaining demand each and every day in the Kenyan market. It is important therefore for farmers to venture into the project and gain much from the farming of carrots. The following set of information provides the detailed information about carrot growth.


They can be grouped as fresh market for example the chantenary and nantes .Oxhart is another major variety that is grown mainly for the feeding of livestock.

Ecological Requirements

It does well in a wide range of attitudes from 0-2900m above sea level. Requires cool temperatures to wa  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How Farmers Prevent The Spread of Ticks In Kenya

Categories of tick control are in three main groups all of which have been proven to be effective by the specified experts. Ticks reduce the production levels of livestock hence a farmer should always be on the watch out to control the pests. The following category gives a summary of the main methods used in the control of ticks.

Biological method

This method utilizes the tick’s natural enemies that predate on the ticks. The nymphs are usually destroyed by certain like ants and birds. A small number of ticks will be controlled using this major way. Self licking by th  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Pre-Disposing Factors Of Livestock Diseases In Kenya

They include the major conditions inside or outside the main body of the animal that may lead to it contacting the disease or obtaining a very major injury. The following are some of the factors that may predispose an animal to certain diseases.

The species of the animal

It determines the type of disease that is likely to affect the species and not any other. A good example is the swine fever that affects the pigs and Newcastle disease affects poultry.

The breed of the animal

It will influence the type of animal that can be affected by a particular diseas  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Steps Of Creating A Student Account On KASNEB Student Portal

All Kasneb students are required to open a student account on the kasneb website. The following are some of the major ways that a students can follow to open the account.

  • Click on student login  link then choose the student icon or proceed to click the student icon if you use the direct link( the student portal.

  • Click on the create account and select whether you have a student registration number or not and proceed to provide names, preferred email address and  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Tomato Pests and Diseases Affecting Kenyan Farmers

Tomatoes are a major source of income for farmers in Kenya and several measures need to be taken to ensure that the fruits are well protected from attack by pests. It is good for farmers to control the spread of diseases affecting the plants for the main purpose of ensuring that they gain maximum profit from them and that they have better ways of preventing any harmful damage to the plants.

American bollworm

Is the larva stage of a moth that may be brown, green or pink in color? It is the most destructive stage of the moth and attacks fruits of tomatoes. It lays several eg  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Benefits of Crop Rotation For Kenyan Farmers

Crop rotation has for a longtime been one of the best ways of ensuring that plants are safe from pests and diseases. Many farmers have ended up losing a lot of crops due to not carrying out the cultural practice of rotating their crops. The following are some of the major benefits that a farmer gets from crop rotation

Maximum utilization of nutrients

Different crop varieties vary in the levels of nutrients and the mineral composition. Rotating crops ensure that they get plenty supply of minerals and the various that remain will be used by a different type of crop. The prac  Continue reading ...