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8 years ago

Goat Farming And Common Goat Breeds in Kenya

Goat farming is very common in Kenya especially in the rural areas. People keep goats for wool, milk and meat. Goats are very hardy and some breeds can withstand adverse weather conditions. The choice that people make for their goat breeds depends on their location and the weather conditions. For example people in north eastern keep a different goat breed than people from the highlands. The three main breeds in Kenya include Saanen, Alpines and Toggenburg.

This is a white is fairly small and it has black spots on the udders, nose and the skin is black and spotted. This goat   Continue reading ...

8 years ago


Mushroom is a great delicacy in many households. In Kenya people are starting to consume mushrooms. Most people get them from the supermarket. Some of the mushrooms grow in the wild like in woody forests but some of them are planted by people. Different communities harvest and consume them. There are many kinds of mushroom that can be grown in Kenya. The most popular ones are the termite mushrooms which grow on anthills. Mushrooms have been planted by small scale farmers in Kenya since the early 60s. Some of the mushrooms are poisonous and it is always a challenge to get great varietie  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Practice Strawberry Farming in Kenya

In Kenya, strawberries are not a common fruit that you will find on the streets. Most people buy them for home consumption and baking.  Companies like Brookside, trufood, zesta, KCC use strawberries to use them when making juices, sauces, jams, yoghurts and other supplies for supermarkets. The most common type of strawberry is that of the Fragaria genus. The Strawberry varieties suitable for growing in Kenya include Chandler, Domanil, pajaro Douglas, Tioga selva, Rabunda, Tri-Star and Tribute. The crop thrives in hot climate and it does badly in frost or extrem  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Places To Ice Skate In Kenya

The Panari hotel is located near the airport, in Nairobi. This establishment is near this luxury hotel is near Nairobi City Stadium and Nyayo National Stadium. These are two main attractions for the hotel. Another factor is that it is close to Strathmore University and Nairobi Railway Museum.One of the greatest hotel features is that it has outdoor pool and a sauna. The hotel also features a full-service spa and a nightclub. This is a great outlet for the people who want to have fun and to relax. In the rooms the TVs are great and they have very many satellite channels. The guestrooms also   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Contacts Of Hass Consult Limited Kenya

Hass Consult Limited is a Kenyan Company that was formed in 1992. The company\'s vision is to improve and change the patterns of real estate in the country. There are many companies that deal with real estate. Hass Consult has the core values of transparency, professionalism and it adhered to global standards. The company has different bill board all over the country and it owns different buildings and property. It has become one of the best in its field.

HassConsult is a company that has been around for more than 10 years and therefore, it has a lot of experience in this field  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Champagne Bars in Nairobi - Kenya

In Kenya people embrace revolutions. They take ideas and run with them. For instance in late 2011,2012 and 2013 lounges sprung up in the capital. People appreciated relaxing and listening to slow music under the dimmed lights. This saw the birth of lounges like Alabaster lounge, Brew Bistro lounge, Secrets lounge among others. Something else is brewing, The Champagne Bar. Champagne is a luxury drink that’s great especially when it is sparkling in a tall glass. It is a drink reserved for the crème de la crème of society. Closer home a few champagne bars have sprung up in   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

The Sankara Hotel - Nairobi Kenya

The Sankara Nairobi is one of the best hotels in Kenya. It has added another feather to its cap by receiving a certified accreditation from ISO 22000. This is a family of international standards that focusses on food safety. When a hotel is certified, this means that it adheres to all the safety standards.

 There has been the need for outlets to adhere to food safety in the local and the global market. Being ISO Certified, this means that Sankara Nairobi has the correct food management practices, safety assurance and adherence to international standards. This also ensures that   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Register Your Blog With The Bloggers Association of Kenya

Bloggers association of Kenya is an umbrella body that supports bloggers in Kenya. A blog is an online journal where people can document their daily occurrences and write on a wide variety of topics. Bloggers Association of Kenya BAKE is an umbrella body that hosts all the different categories of blogs in Kenya. This is a body that supports and upholds content creation and supports all the content creators in Kenya. These awards cater for people of Kenyan origin and it helps to syndicate their information, to form networks with other bloggers and content creators in Kenya and it also acts a  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Premier Cosmetics Spa And Boutique In Westlands: For Day Spa Services In Nairobi, Kenya

A spa is a haven for relaxation. Spas in Kenya are places where people go to unwind after long weeks at work. Sometimes our bodies need attention and pampering. The Premier Cosmetics Spa and Boutique in Kenya is tailor made for every Kenyan, whether man or woman. Premier Cosmetics Boutique and Spa in Kenya was started by Jane Mbogo who studied in Israel Premier Cosmetic laboratories. The founder of Premier Cosmetics Boutique and Spa in Kenya learned about the best cosmetics to use and later opened her boutique and spa in Kenya.

About Premier Boutique and Spa in Kenya

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9 years ago

Why You Should Enroll For A Course In Mount Kenya University (MKU) In Kenya

Kenya has many universities and institutions of higher learning. One of these establishments is the Mount Kenya University otherwise known as MKU University in Kenya. Continue reading ...