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6 years ago

Best Banking Companies For Online Users In Kenya

Many Kenyans are now finding time to get the various online opportunities being offered by the many number of options. The many number of jobs being offered demands that one gets a stable banking account be formed on the basis of encouraging safe financial transactions. It is therefore important that Kenyans know the various banking systems that are found in the global internet.


The company is found online and the registration is just simple and takes some few steps. The PayPal system requires that one installs safe passwords for the system. Money is send via email   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Roles Of Kenya Revenue Authority

The Kenya revenue authority is responsible for all the operations that govern the paying and collection of taxes in the country. It is good that the government gets the right type of people to work in the organization so as to get better ways of improving the tax system in the country. The following list comprises some of the major duties of the KRA.

Collection of taxes

The body is responsible for tax collection through a variety of procedures. The body has employed several people to cater for the process. Money is collected in the various business institutions and continu  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Best Performing Schools In Western County

The Kenya catholic secretariat is working well to ensure that schools they sponsor not only perform well but also produce students that are well behaved  and can be of great help to the society in general. It is therefore important that parents take into considerations the important roles played by these institutions to help children fulfill their visions and dreams. In Western County, the following are the best performing catholic schools.

St Peters Mumias

It is doing well in the academic field and helping a lot of students join major universities in the country. The  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Purposes of Taxation in Kenya

The government came up with the body of Kenya revenue authority to collect taxes from its people. Taxes play crucial roles in helping in the development of various governments sponsored projects for better performance. Several reasons make it important for taxation to be conducted in the country and the following are some of the major reasons.

Raising revenue

The mount collected from people can be used to maintain the level of peace and security of Kenya and also the social welfare of people. It is important that taxes be collected from people so as to have ways of improvi  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Ways Of Improving Mathematics Performance In Kenya

The field of math is very crucial as it helps students perform well in major courses that are offered by the Kenyan university syllabus. It is important that students start seeking guidelines on how they can improve the performance of math in the country for the sake of helping them improve their chances of getting good and well paying jobs in the competitive market of Kenya. Some useful tips is outlined below.

Start group discussions

Sharing of ideas through discussion with friends is a very positive move that makes one perform well and achieve much in life. It is therefo  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Benefits of Fish Farming In Kenya

Fish farming in the country has had many advantages and that gives many people the reason to invest in it and make more profit in their life. It has been discovered that many farmers are setting up their own fish ponds in an effort to try and get ways of rearing fish. The various advantages of fish farming are outlined below.

Source of proteins

Health experts have recommended that a good balanced diet should always comprise of proteins and other types of nutrients. One way in which one can acquire nutrients to the body is by eating fish that is also delicious if well prepa  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Factors Governing Coffee Production In Kenya

Coffee farming is gaining a lot of popularity in the country making it crucial for farmers that wish to make profit from farming to invest in the business. It has been noted that for quite a long period of time, some factors need to be considered before one venturing into the business of planting and distributing coffee to factories.


A good farmer should plant crops that have huge demand by majority of people in the country. When demand is high, farmers can go ahead to venture into the business so as to be in good position to sale more coffee hence making much money  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Mechanisms Used To Control Waterborne Diseases In Kenya

Waterborne diseases are killing a lot of people in the country and several other dangerous diseases continuing to be persistent in the lives of many. The population of Kenya is encountering a lot of delay and the economic growth is slowly diminishing each and every day of life. Experts have come up with the following measures of controlling waterborne diseases.

Boiling water

It is the most effective water treatment method that cone can use to treat water. Boiling water kills germs and any worms that may be responsible for spreading diseases hence it becomes safe for one to  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Techniques Used To Motivate Employees In Kenya

Employee motivation has been a crucial factor in helping a lot of business units to perform well and achieve more and have a good future with their business. Motivating workers is an important quality for a manger to posses hence companies need to have such managers. The following are some of the best ways of motivating employees in Kenya.

Involve them in decision making

Making decisions is more suitable when ideas are combined from various types of sources. It is important that mangers develop a mechanism of inviting all employees in particular firm to participate in deci  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How youths Can Improve Their Lives In kenya

Youths are one of the biggest sources of market for much business and the common question being asked is the number of ways that can be used to help them develop so as to prevent them from being victims to the high growing trends in which immorality has affected them in a more negative manner. It is important therefore for people to find suitable projects that can help them make some money while running business.

Poultry farming

Majority of youths have gone ahead to invest in the project and make money from it. The outcome is that many of them have been able to get employm  Continue reading ...