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8 years ago

Location,Contacts And Services Offered At Bomas of kenya

Kenya is a country that is known throughout the world for its wide range of wildlife, its numerous physical attraction sites and its extraordinary cultural values. To showcase this government of Kenya ensures that adequate showcasing of cultural values would be highlighted. Started in 1971 by the government of Kenya as a subsidiary to the Kenya Tourist Development Corporation, Bomas of Kenya is a tourist village. Bomas was started with the main purpose of preserving, maintaining and promoting the rich diverse cultural values of the numerous ethnic groups in Kenya.

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8 years ago

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (Kimathi University College of Technology

With the ever increasing number of students who clear Kenya Certificate Of secondary Education per year, there is a continuous demand of tertiary colleges and universities. Dedan Kimathi University of Technology is a popularly known as Kimathi University College of Technology is a college established in 1978 to cater for a growing education need. First accredited in 2007, Kimathi University College attained the status of a full fledge chartered university in 2012. The school mainly offers courses in engineering, business and computer science. To do this the institution has divided the cours  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

College Of Insurance

With more and more Kenyans being bend on accumulating wealth and property it is not surprising that the need of insurance policy covers have increased tremendously. More people have realized the importance of insurance in a growing economy and have embraced the act of paying small calculated losses in form of premium payments in the promise of compensation in the event of loss of property. Due to this large scale embracing of corporate and individuals, there is a rise in the need of qualified insurance agents. This has directly affected the need of having certified institutions that of cour  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kenya Institution of Special Education, a Place to Learn Kenya Sign Language

Every person is special, born at different times with different unique features that are attributed to them specifically. Some people however are born with special needs, some include the inability to speak, see or walk. Due to this they are mostly marginalized as many people do not know how to treat them or communicate with them. In Kenya certain special steps have been taken to ensure that this margin is reduced. Kenya institution of Special education (KISE) is such an institution here in Kenya. Specifically set up to teach the Kenyan sign language to individuals who want to help cater fo  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Services Provided at Ardhi House

Everyone reaches a stage in life where the need and desire of owning property becomes a necessity. Ask any Kenyan man or woman and they will conform this. However the issue of owning and management is a serious sensitive matter especially with the ever rising issue of corruption cases and fake title deeds. To ensure that the land or property you want to invest in is really the one and it is really on offer one has to have a reliable source center to verify information. Ardhi House is a government corporation that falls under the ministry of lands commission of Kenya. Ardhi House is mandated  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Where to Obtain Kenyan Citizenship in Kenya

The issue of citizenship is sensitive in many countries especially here in Kenya. Obtaining Kenyan citizenship is not only mind boggling it’s stressful to say the least especially if you have no idea where to obtain it. As a national identification card is a vital record that documents the nationality of a person, Its importance cannot be over emphasized as only through the producing of this vital document can you get other important documents here in Kenya including passports, visas, bank loans and application for employment or registration for Kenya national examination exams in Ken  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Startimes offices In Kenya

With the move of Kenya from analogue television to digital television over 4 million Kenyans are in need of mandatory connection to a digital network. Numerous Kenyans are confused at the type of digital boxes they should obtain and exactly where they should obtain them. With that in mind many Kenyans however are considering pay TV as an option in the migration procedure. Star times TV is a pay TV option that was introduced in Kenya in the last decade. Approved by the communication commission of Kenya help digitize Kenya by the end of 2012. It offers affordable decoders at reasonable prices  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

African Nazarene School Of Business InformationTechnology Admission Criteria

African Nazarene University is a privately chartered university in Kenya. It offers a Bachelor degree in Business information technology under the business programs offered at the school. Under the program students are trained under different departments that include;

  • Management of information systems
  • Practical foundation in information technology
  • Business management

Admission criteria

For individuals who are interested in pursuing this as a life time career there are certain admission criteria requirements that h  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

African Nazarene School Of Business Management Admission Criteria

African Nazarene University is a private university in Kenya chartered in 2002 by commission of higher education. It offers a bachelor degree in Business management. Under the degree program students undergo training in the various fields that include but are not limited to;



  • Entrepreneurial venture
  • E-business strategic operations
  • Global business
  • Strategic project management
  • Corporate financing
  • Business and financial environment
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8 years ago

African Nazarene School Of Mass communication Admission Criteria

African Nazarene University is a private university in Kenya. Chartered in 2002 by the commission of higher education it offers a bachelor degree in mass communication. African Nazarene University has an up to date, state of the art technology that is well equipped to offer above average training to its students. It ensures that individuals who graduate have the necessary training to have successful careers in journalism. The training is provided in various departments that include;