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6 years ago

How to Start M-PESA Agent Business In Kenya

M-PESA being the leading service of mobile banking in Kenya has become every man\'s solace when it  comes to financial transactions.M-PESA has not only saved many the long back-breaking queues at the banks but has also created job opportunities for thousands not only in Kenya but also in other parts of Africa and the world at large.Here are the steps  on how to start an M-PESA business incase you are interested but you just can\'t figure out where to start from.

M-PESA Agent Requirements

One must be registered as a limited company or with at least 3 outlets ready  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Best Chicken Breeds for Egg Production In Kenya

Chicken rearing is one of the booming homebased businesses from which one can earn handsomely.With the help of the digital incubators one is in a position to earn over ksh.80,000 weekly from selling over 800 days old pullets say if each is to be sold at ksh.100.For one to make such a successful business,one definitely needs a constant supply of eggs.

The most productive egg layers are hybrid such as;

6 years ago

Luxurious Hotels In Homabay

The hotel is ranked as the best hotel in Homabay with a spectacular view of Lake Victoria,the second largest fresh water lake in the world.Homabay Toursit Hotel is located at the shores of Lake Victoria close to the town centre of Homabay.Homabay is about 90km South West of Kisumu.The Hotel has 23 ensuit guest rooms with a mini bar in two different categories;superior rooms with lake view and standard rooms with town view.Accommodation charges range between USD 40 and USD 185 per night depending on room standards.Contact the hotel on 0727112615 for more information.

Hotel Twin Towe  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Tips on How to win government tenders in Kenya

Always provide all the information requested in the tender application form.Tax clearing certificate and shareholding certificate should never be forgotten at any cost.Out-dated tax clearance certificate are not allowed.

Calculations of tender prices must alwats be correct.

Incase you are not sure of anything in the tender, ASK so as to avoid misinterpretation.

Always sign your bid document to avoid disqualification incase of unsigned documents.

If you are an HDI,remember to claim your points.Points unclaimed are points lost.

Ensure that you drop the   Continue reading ...