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5 years ago

Best Internet Service Providers In Kenya

Liquid Telecom (Formerly Kenya Data Networks)

Kenya Data Networks formerly known as KDN was bought by Liquid telecom based in south Africa. Liquid Telecom as its known now is one of the largest internet service providers in Kenya providing both Fiber optic and wireless communication channels. The company is still based in Mombasa road sameer complex. Liquid telecom is a licensed internet service provider to smaller ISPs in Kenya. Some of the services that they offer Fiber optic connection with speeds of up   Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Causes Of Teenage Pregnancies In Kenya

Teenage Pregnancy in Kenya amongst school going  girls has become a worrying trend. Young girls drop out of school due to pregnancy and may not continue with their education.

Teenage pregnancy refers to girls becoming pregnant when in either primary school or high school, basically below 18 years of age.This means they have to drop out of school to first take care of themselves and the baby when it is born.These cases of early teenage pregnancy in Kenya have diverse effects not only to the individual but also the community as a whole.

This causes include:

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5 years ago

Challenges Of Investigative Journalism In Kenya

This discussion focuses on why Investigative journalism has been regarded as one of the most challenging and yet rewarding branches of media. It’s going to look at challenges including; capacity, legal regime, ethics, economies, witness protection and the rewarding part that includes it contributing to an open and accountable society, contributing to good governance, promoting speech and democracy and personal improvement.

Investigative journalism refers to the indepth, long term research and reporting of new information that an individual or organization wants to keep secret   Continue reading ...

5 years ago

Impact Of Panpaper Factory In Kenya

It is more than five months since the revival and closure of the Pan Paper Mills. Was the re-opening of the factory here to cause Webuye residents more health harms through its released fumes that they inhale, the water released to the river, the iron sheets of their houses rusting and massive deforestation? This is the question on many people’s lips living around and within Webuye.

However, the then factory’s revival leader, Dr. Wafula Muliaro now under the newly appointed Receivership Manager Mr. Ian Small had reassured residents of Webuye that the fumes produced as a   Continue reading ...