Top Record-labels In Kenya

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Kenya has various record labels that have popularized the Kenyan urban music. While some of the record labels went underground due to the stiff competition, some like Ogopa and Calif remain afloat. New entrants like GrandPa Records are causing ripples in the local showbiz industry and giving up star artists a platform to shine. Others industry players like Ketebul records specialize in contemporary African music. Here are some of the best local Record labels in Kenya.

  • GrandPa records: it’s a powerhouse in Kenya music industry. It’s owned by Refigah. Grandpa has signed ever fresh DNA,Shamir and other lesser known artist like Pizzo,Dogo etc.

  • Calif records: it over 12years old and it has not stop giving us hit after hit. Founded by Clemo and the multi-talented Paul Nunda aka JuaKali. Some of the artist who have worked their include Jimw@t, Nonini, P-unit, Lady S,Mejja just to name a few.

  • Ogopa Deejays: it’s one of the oldest production in Kenya brought to the limelight by Redsan. Founded byFrancis, Lucas BIkedo and Banda who is the manager. Some artist who have worked with them include Amani,nameless,Big Pin and the late E-sir.

  • Ketebul Music Label: The music label is home to the finest contemporary artists who fuse diverse traditional sounds to their music. Unlike other music labels, Ketebul thrives on live recorded instruments which are more ‘real’ and not sequenced sounds that are popular with most productions houses. Founded by the legendary Tabu Osusa, Ketebul has produced such greats as Iddi Achieng,’ Makadem, Suzanna Owiyo, Olith Ratego, Ogoya Nengo, Gargar and Winyo.

  • Chocolate City: A new entrant in the local showbiz industry, Chocolate city has sent signals of its intention of tapping the best talent Kenya has to offer by signing the bootylicious Victoria Kimani.

  • Ulopa Ngoma: Ulopa Ngoma can be credited with bringing a new flavor in the local music industry. The one hit wonder duo of Shavey and Slice dominated our airwaves with their raga song thanks to the mastery of Ulopa. Ulopa has also worked with the high flying self-proclaimed king of hip-hop Collo among other artists.

  • Sub-Sahara Limited : Sub Sahara is home to talented artists who have won many accolades in Africa. The music label was founded by the multi-talented composer cum musician, Suzanne Gachukia. Artists under Sub Sahara production label include the gifted KUS MA and SHAPPA MAN of Camp Mulla.

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