Location Of Major Cinemas In Nairobi, Kenya

by Wa Kimani  - February 14, 2023

There is always that thrill when you meet up with a friend or friends for a movie in Nairobi Cinemas. There is that ultimate movie experience that we seek to achieve. Kenyans love that, and this is evidenced by the thronged cinemas in Nairobi. Are you in Nairobi and you need that guide to help you chose where you will watch that latest movie? Here are a few pointers on where to look for cinemas in Nairobi.

Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi

Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi is the most popular cinema hall, and it has three branches in Nairobi. Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi is part of a South African chain. Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi has one branch on the first floor of Village market along Limuru Road in Nairobi. Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi is situated along Gigiri. Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi also has a second branch situated in Prestige plaza along Ngong Road in Nairobi. Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi has a third branch situated in The Junction Mall further off in Ngong Road in Nairobi. This Numetro Cinema has high quality standards in the services it offers in Kenya. Numetro Cinemas in Nairobi has a big screen, and it shows all the latest movies.

20th Century Cinema/IMAX in Nairobi

20th Century Cinema/IMAX in Kenya is located along Mama Ngina Street in Nairobi City. IMAX theaters in Nairobi provide the ultimate movie experience. 20th Century Cinema/IMAX in Nairobi is perfect for field trips or a fun night out. Movies in 20th Century Cinema/IMAX start showing at 9am for Kshs 200 per ticket to the evening at Kshs 800 a ticket. Students in Kenya also get a waiver and pay only Kshs 500 in 20th Century Cinema/IMAX in Nairobi, all they have to do is present their school identity card. The 20th Century Cinema/IMAX theatre in Nairobi can accommodate 255 people at one sitting. The screens are state of the art with high definition images and a good sound system in 20th Century Cinema/IMAX in Kenya. One can also watch 3d(three dimensional) movies that take you to another realm giving you that thrill. The screen is 17metres by 9metres.This screen is slightly curved and it envelopes the audience into a great movie stance. Any experience in IMAX Theatre in Kenya is truly memorable.

Other cinemas in Nairobi are: Cameo Cinema which is located in Kenyatta avenue in Nairobi, Casino Cinema which is located in Ndumberi Road in Nairobi, Embassy Cinema located in Latema Road past Odeon Bus Terminus in the city of Nairobi, Fox Drive-In located along Thika Road in Nairobi, Kenya Cinema located in Moi Avenue and Nairobi Cinema which is located along Aga Khan walk in the Nairobi CBD.

All these Cinemas in Nairobi cater for your movie needs. Cinemas in Kenya have a directory where you can view all the movies that are in the lineup as well as the time they are showing so that can chose the movie you want to watch. They also serve a variety of snacks and drinks so that you can eat while watching the movie. The tickets to cinemas in Kenya are very affordable and worth the experience. However this particular venture has been sidelined by the emergence of movie shops in Nairobi that sell the same movie at a throw away price of Kshs 50. Kenyans are also watching continuing T.V series more than they do movies. People are buying large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens in Kenya and watching movies at the comfort of their homes.

However nothing comes close to the cinema/ theatre experience in Kenya, and it is always good once in a while to go and watch a movie on a big screen. ”It is relaxing and rejuvenating”, says Shamir, a big screen movie enthusiast in Kenya.

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