Best Dance Groups in Kenya

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 FBI Dance Group

Focus Beyond Imagination [FBI] a name familiar in the music industry. Members of the group met in high school and have since maintained a successful trend. They were at one time the winners of the Sakata competition. The dance has performed in many towns around the country. There spectacular moves earns popularity and as they have featured in music videos like Make you Dance by Keko, Let him go by MOG and others.


This dance has is a household name with successes from music videos like No money No love by Alpha and Get Down Tonight by Habida. The group comprises of eight members. There choreography is effectively mastered and their performance is energetic. They had worn Malta Guiness Pan-African Championship in 2011 after they split from the Sarakasi dancers. Their desire for greater heights has seen them visit many countries like Jamaica, Mozambique, Sweden and China.

Sarakasi Dancers

The dance is among the pioneers of best dance moves in the Kenya. There well advanced moves and organization has worn the hearts of many. The Sarakasi Dome is located in Ngara Nairobi. The group has mentored a lot of dance groups through its Dome. Dance groups like Wapi Wapi are a result of the group.

Altermin Dancers

There discipline in the industry contributed more to their success. Altermin dancers consist of three groups within it. Altar queens, Alter-mini, and Alter the brand. Each group has its responsibility. The group’s success came in 2011 when they appeared on Hopekids music video. There name symbolizes ministry and is divided into two Altar and ministries.





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