The Main Cash Crops In Kenya

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Cash crop farming is one of the leading economic activities in Kenya , Kenya a country located within the tropics is preferably suitable for the growth of most crops available in the word. Agriculture is said to be the pillar of Kenya’s economy followed by tourism and other sectors hence the following are some of the cash crops grown in Kenya;


This is one of the most cultivated crops in Kenya and has served as a stable economy in the following areas of the country; Kericho, Bomet, Nyeri, Mt. Elgon, vihiga, Limuru, Kitale, Kirinyaga and various other small scare areas. Tea produced in Kenya is processed and used both in Kenya and the international market with most of it being exported to Europe, Iran and Middle East.


Sugarcane is a crop that can only be supported in countries within the tropics hence giving Kenya the required advantage. In Kenya sugarcane is grown mostly in the western region and the cost region with some of the areas being: Mumias, Kakamega, Nzoia, Webuye, Muhoroni, Uasin gishu and other small areas.


Maize is both a cash crop and a subsistence crop with most areas of the country planting the crop, some of the large scale maize producing countries include Trans Nzoia, Trans Mara, Kitale, Uasin Gishu, Lugari and parts of Kakamega.


Mirra has of late been deemed as a rejected crop following the controversies that were created by the international ban in the European market last year including Britain which was Mirra’s main market abroad hence this has since jeopardized the lives of many people in Meru county. It has since remained uncertain whether the ban will be lifted despite plans to appeal the ban


This is one of the few horticulture crops being planted in Kenya and due to its nature where it can only be grown under certain temperatures’ it is cultivated only in Lake Victoria, North Rift Valley, South Rift Valley and Mt. Kenya region.


Coffee is an important cash crop to Kenya’s economy as it earns foreign exchange. The crop is mainly grown in high altitude areas like Mt. Elgon and Mt. Kenya regions.

This crops have been grown in Kenya for a long time and are considered by many as a source of livelihood within the country due to lack of white collar jobs.

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