Problems Facing Tea Farmers in Kenya

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Farming in Kenya has been affected by a lot of challenges and the problems continue to flood the Kenyan farmers in many counties. It has come to the realization that most tea farmers in Kenya encounter the following major problems in the production of quality tea.

Pests and Diseases

Some seasons in the year make the prevalence of diseases to be more popular and make the Kenyan farmers to suffer huge loses. The crops continually gets attacks from pests and makes the farmer go huge waste as they attack some parts of whole of the crop making it hard to survive and thrive well. Furthermore, it infects the crops with diseases that completely kill and destroy it. Pest and diseases are very dangerous to crops more especially when they attack crops in large scale basis.

Lack of Reliable Labor

Kenyan farmers are experiencing alt of hardships when it comes to the production of huge amounts of tea. Majority of them spend huge amounts of money in trying to get the labor needed to plant and harvest the crops. Labor is becoming more expensive and readily unavailable. The labor that is gotten in most cases does little and the amount of work is much and more.

Competition from Established Markets

Kenyan farmers get a lot of competition from farmers that are well established making it hard for them to venture into the export market and eventually ending up selling the crops to local industries at a loss. The government should try to look for ways of managing the tough competition from the outside market to ensure that people are secure and safe with farming tea.

Poor farming methods

Tea farming requires a lot of skills from farmers making it an essential part of life. It has come to the realization that many farmers planet tea in the wrong way hence it grows under the wrong set of planting procedures. It is therefore important for one to be careful when planting to avoid problems in the near future.

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