Pests And Diseases Affecting Cabbage Farmers In Kenya

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Cabbages are a source of income for many farmers in the country and care should be taken to ensure that they are well cultivated and farmers find humble time to take good care of them by simply attending to them and ensuring that they are prevented from major disease infections. The growth of cabbage is however inhibited by the attack of the following major pest and diseases.


Masses of aphid attack the crop leaves especially during the periods that are dry and the weather does not let much rainfall. They are rare in situations that provoke wet conditions. During the dry period, irrigation can be used as the best alternative in controlling the pest.


Larvae stage of the moth. It normally stays hidden in the sol or moist rubbish. They damage the crop by simply cutting the stem at the base of the seedling after transplanting is done. It is controlled by mixing appropriate insecticide powder with the soil in the holes during planting.

Damping off

Is a major disease that attacks the cabbage seedlings in the nursery? It occurs in heavily watered conditions. If it is not controlled, the crop will eventually wither and die at a later stage. Control is by simply remving the shade  and thinning the seedlings that are overcrowded.


It attacks the pith of the stem. When infected cabbage is cut, a black ring will be seen  where the bacteria has destroyed the plant. Crop rotation will be the best alternative of controlling the disease.

Downy mildew

It takes place in areas that have heavy mists and they are more frequent. The disease is controlled by simply uprooting and burning the plant

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