How Farmers Control Animal Pests and Diseases In Kenya

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For a long time, animal diseases have affected farmers in  kenya in such a way that they end up getting little profit from the amount they have collected. It is therefore important that one applies the various ways that can be used to control the spread of animal diseases in the country in order to make more and obtain huge benefits from their livestock.

Avoid Mixing Farm Animals

Animals often contract diseases when they are allowed to interact with others inform of grazing. It is therefore important that one takes a close look on how they can avoid mixing their cattle with other farm animals as that gives the channel through which diseases can be spread hence making it easy for  them to get infected and may die if not treated at amore faster rate.


The methods one of the best used in controlling the rate of pest and diseases infection in the country. It involves animals swimming through a dip pond mixed with chemicals used to kill ticks making it an essential way of controlling ticks that can play great roles in making it hard for animals to survive.

Practice Rotational Grazing

Often at times pests will affect animals when they become concentrated more at a certain place eventually making it hard for the various farm animals to survive. When a farmer learns how to control pest by practicing rotational grazing, they play an important part in driving away the pests that rely on animals as their hosts.


It is the use of a drenching gun to give animals liquid medicine that can be used by them in obtaining medicine for the internal worms that continually create a lot of discomfort to the user. It is therefore important that the tool be purchased by farmers to be used in administering liquid medicine to their cattle.




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