Agricultural Organisations In Kenya

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An agricultural organisation is any body which promotes agricultural activities. These include:

  • Co-operative societies – which include the farmers’ co-operative which perform the following functions:

  • Marketing farmers produce

  • Negotiating for fair prices for farmers produce and also for input

  • Paying dividends to the members

  • Educating members on matters relevant to their co-operative through field days, seminars, workshop and demonstrations.

  • Agricultural Parastatal Bodies - which include national irrigation board, national cereals and produce board (NCPB), the Kenya sisal board, coffee board of Kenya, pyrethrum board of Kenya, cotton board of Kenya, Kenya sugar authority, horticultural crops development authority, agricultural finance corporation, agricultural development corporation and Kenya meat commission. Major functions of all this board include;

  • They regulate and control the various product each one is standing for

  • Advising the minister on the production or importation or exportation of any products in relation to the needs of Kenyans

  • Registration and licensing of particular producers of given product.

  • Carrying out research and development production

  • Sorting and grading the produce.

Others include; 

The Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) - Which is a privately- run organisation with the following functions:

  • Holding competitive agriculture shows and exhibitions of livestock, crops and farm produce.

  • Awarding bursaries for agricultural benefits for its members.

  • Publishing the Kenyan Stud Book. 

And youth Orgnanisations like 4-k clubs and young farmers club which mainly participate in exhibitions and competitions at A.S.K shows, participate in national tree planting activities and developing and enhancing leadership qualities among the youth.

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